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The honeymoon of Neizha and Sébastien

It is with pleasure that I write this little narrative telling our honeymoon on board Núsa Dùa ...
It was last April ... On the advice of Pierre, our captain, we decided to start our adventure in Huahine and then head for Raitea, Tahaa and finally Bora Bora ... a week of cruising to discover Polynesia and Its leeward islands .... From Huahine means a fast and comfortable navigation in the direction of wind and waves.

First day

Warmly welcomed at the airport by Pierre, we joined Nusa Dua at the small pontoon of the village of Fare. We met our catamaran, and Rautea, our hostess from Polynesia. The time to complete the bunkering at the small supermarket of the corner (very well stocked in passing), we mounted the sails and set the course towards the south of the island of Huahine. Attention the eyes, storm of turquoise! What a joy to feel so slip on the water watching dolphins play between the bow!
Lunch stop in front of the paradise beach "Hana iti" and a small tour in the rainforest to reach nice views ... At Sunset we again hoisted the sail to anchor further south in the bay of Avéa. Anchored on a background of 1 meter, we have an impregnable view on the lagoon and its barrier of coral ...

Day 2

For lunch, Pierre booked us a table at Tara for a meal at the Polynesian ... Tastes, perfumes and flavors that I did not know until then, all in a friendly atmosphere. After lunch, we hoisted the magnificent orange spinnaker of Nùa Dùa to head towards the motu Irirù, east of Raiatea Island. The opportunity to race with another catamaran and to appreciate the exceptional performance of our catamaran compared to the others ... 2h 15 to reach Raitea to sail! Twice as long as the other boats and a 17 knot point (a certain "Tam Tam" will remember)!

Day 3

We set off along the Faaroa river, about 2 km of waterways to climb in the midst of lush vegetation ... 11h30 we returned to the edge of Nusa Dua and head south on Raiatea Magnificent Motu Nao Nao. We are always sailing and enjoy the slightest laughter in the lagoon. A beautiful snorkelling awaits us, with multicolored fish and a magnificent falling at 25 meters ... Our captain is an ace of snorkeling, he could have played in the "Big Blue" ...

Day 4

We return to the island of Tahaa to join the motu Serran, another "postcard". We stopped at the Uturua marina to refuel. The opportunity to take a tour of the local market ... We are greeted with the kindness of the Polynesians. In the afternoon, our captain takes us to visit a pearl farm. It is very interesting to understand how the pearls of the Pacific are born ... Thank you Carl for your kindness and your explanations. We leave with a beautiful black pearl, this one at least will have a story ...
Dinner at the Taravana yacht Club with a magnificent show of Polynesian dances under the stars.

Day 5

We set sail around the island of Tahaa. Our captain takes the opportunity to introduce us to the maneuvers ... Ho Hisse! We cast anchor in front of the splendid motù of Tao Tao, also called here: "The coral garden". It deserves its name this garden. We let ourselves drift in 50 centimeters of water in the middle of a true aquatic paradise. All the fishes are there, they even come to gather in our hands the pieces of bananas taken away for the occasion. An unforgettable experience.

Day 6

We leave in 4X4 to make a botanical visit with Alain Plantier ... What a pity not to have brought to take notes! The character is exciting, it tells us not only the history of Polynesia but we discover all the plants, their utilities, their secret ... A must see ...
It is 1 pm and we head towards Bora Bora. The navigation is easy and pleasant as we sail wind-bearing. Arrival for the sunset. Before going to sleep, Pierre explains the constellations ... My favorite? Orion ...

Day 7

Pierre takes us diving with the sharks! Yes, with sharks! I never imagined that I could do that one day .... Black shark sharks, lemon sharks, trevallies, black runners .... I'm blown away! A memory that will remain etched forever in my memory. See the video. Anchorage then at Matira Point for lunch. We are anchored in the most beautiful lagoon in the world ... The photos speak for itself ...
For lunch, Rautea prepares us the fishing of our captain: "fishes squirrel". Too good the fish! We then leave for Bora to sail. One thing is certain: Polynesia and the islands are of interest only if discovered by the sea. A true feeling of freedom ...

Day 8

Sniff! It's over, we go back to Europe full of memories. Thank you Rautea for your kindness, your raw fish with coconut milk and your chocolate mousses ... Thank you Nusa Dua for making us surf the waves, your sails are beautiful! Thank you Pierre for sharing your passion for the sea and your guitar under the stars ... Besides, you say it yourself: "the earth is round!" So see you soon !

Neizha et Sébastien

Sebastien and Néza came to spend their honeymoon on Nusa Dua ... Some pictures shot between the coral garden and Bora Bora ...

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