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In the heart of the Pacific

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Living in the heart of nature, the ocean and the elements

Living in the heart of nature, the ocean and the elements is what we have decided to give to our lives. We are passionate about travel and the great outdoors, and we aspire above all to a healthy life, the reason why we have chosen to live between the sky and the sea aboard our catamaran: Núsa Dùa (two islands in Indonesia).
This catamaran is much more than a boat, it is the prolongation of our dreams and its bows have so many stories to tell if we know how to take the time to listen to them.

For my part, after having sailed for years on rental sailboats, I finally decided to take the plunge and change radically life by acquiring in 2003 this magnificent catamaran, flagship The famous Outremer yard.


The woman with whom I share my life

The woman with whom I share my life today and who gave me my second child

After 4 years of adventure around the world, after crossing two oceans, criss-crossing the Caribbean Sea to Venezuela, Colombia, the Sambla Islands, the Panama Canal, I finally reached what would become my promised land : French Polynesia.
The Gambier Islands, the Marquesas Islands, Tuamotu, Tahiti, Moorea, the leeward islands, a real thunderbolt for this paradise unique in the world both for the beauty of its landscapes, its submarine riches and for the kindness of the people.
The opportunity for me also to meet Rautea, the woman with whom I share my life today and who gave me my second child: Noa.


Marin in herb since birth

The Mousaillons

Lino. For those who know our logbook online (www.pierrecosso.com) or our Journal de Bord page, no need to introduce you Lino the moussaillon, Noa's big brother and budding sailor also since his birth.
Lino is attending school in Tahiti, it is easier for us to organize our cruises during the many school holidays in Polynesia: 1 month at Christmas, 2 weeks at Easter, 2 months in summer, 10 days in September, November and February .


The moussaillon or the last recruit

Share our love for Polynesia

For those who would like to sail outside these dates or without the children, we will always be able to organize to make you discover and share our love for Polynesia and its lagoons.
I will be able to introduce you to the pleasures of navigation or to participate in the maneuvers. Apneiste averti, I can also make you discover the riches of the sub-aquatic world in free diving ...

As for the fruit cocktails and raw fish in Tahitian Rautea, they are unbeatable throughout the southern hemisphere, Capitan's word!
See you soon on Núsa Dùa and in the meantime, hold on!

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Polynésie Croisères Aventures, Rental, private cruise in catamaran on French Polynesia, from Tahiti to Moorea, from Tuamotu to Bora Bora in the leeward islands.

In the press

TV or print magazines

Many people have dedicated to our cruise catamaran a subject about our new life in French Polynesia. A few excerpts on this site to better get to know the crew and the spirit that reigns aboard our boat.

Thalassa magazine

A report on the new life of Pierre in French Polynesia aboard our Nusa Dua cruise catamaran in 2009. It is partly thanks to the charter and rental of the catamaran that we manage to pursue our dream between Tahiti and Bora Bora in French Polynesia.

M6 100 % MAG in Huahine, RFO

A series of videos to give you an idea.

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